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Meet the Headteacher


I have the privilege of being Headteacher, here at St Benet Biscop Catholic Academy, a large secondary school which takes immense pride in providing excellent pastoral care and support, so that students can thrive and succeed at school. We believe that every child has God given gifts and talents, and as a school community, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that these talents are nurtured, and that children flourish during their time with us. We aim to ensure that our students have a sense of belonging in our school community: that they feel like they have significance, and value, and that as a student body, they are all equal.





St Benet’s has a long and established tradition of providing a rich and varied tapestry of educational experiences for all our students, both inside and outside of the classroom. We are not a school that simply focuses on exams. It is important to us that our students have a full and rounded educational experience, with many opportunities to experience awe and wonder in the world, and to develop personally, morally and spiritually. As a school we pride ourselves in having the highest standards, and these expectations, alongside our unique Catholic identity, and our committed team of teachers and support staff, provide all of our students with the best possible opportunity to leave school, well equipped to take their place in the adult world.


Central to our identity are our values. In school we talk of these as the ‘St Benet Biscop Way’, and these are based on Gospel Values. These are important to us because we think these values instil in students a sense of morality, decency and respect. Teaching the ‘St Benet Biscop Way’, we focus our teaching on:


Integrity: We are truthful and honest in all areas of life.

Respect: We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.

Excellence: We work hard and persevere in order to be the best version of ourselves.

Resilience: We ‘stick at it’ and remain positive so we have the strength to persevere.

Self-discipline: We follow the rules; first time, every time.


Living by these values, and working with families, we believe every single child can succeed at school.


Visiting us, and meeting our students, is the best way to see these values being lived out. Therefore, if you would like to visit our school, please contact the school reception to book a tour of the school during the school day so that you can see our school in action and experience the warmth of the St Benet's family first hand.


Kevin Shepherd


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