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Registration is not only a legal requirement but also the principal channel through which vital information ranging from examination timetables to sixth form student leadership meetings is disseminated.

All students are required to attend morning and afternoon registrations where you will be electronically registered.  Any student who is not in attendance at registration without prior arrangement will have their parent or carer will be informed by text, parentmail or phone call.

If your attendance in Year 12, according to the registers, falls below 90% your entrance to Year 13 will be reviewed.  Your attendance record will be sent home with your monitoring reports each term.

It is very important that you attend all of your timetabled lessons – you will find that there is a great deal to cover at ‘A’ level in a relatively short space of time. If you do miss a lesson without permission, then the teacher will report it to the Head of Progress for Sixth Form, as well as arranging to recoup the missed learning time and further action may follow.  An electronic register is taken in every sixth form lesson and attendance is closely monitored.

If you feel unwell during the school day then you MUST report to a member of the Sixth Form team

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